EU lifts the moratorium on games industry tax breaks again

British and French industries jump for joy

The moratorium that the EU re-enacted on games industry tax breaks has been lifted again allowing the French to continue to offer the relief that has helped their games developers to prosper.

This also offers hope for the UK games industry as well as it will allow the tax measures mentioned in the most recent budget to come into operation hopefully reversing the current trend of studio closures.

The European Commission has lifted the moratorium for another six years causing a large sigh of relief in the European games industry as a whole.

Chairman of the European Games Developer Federation, Guillaume de Fondaumiere said, "I welcome this important resolution for our industry. It will allow France to pursue a scheme that has proven very successful, in particular to relocate creative forces that had left the country. But more importantly for Europe as a whole, I hope that this extended window will now encourage other countries such as the United Kingdom to quickly put in place similar measures. Through this decision, the Commission has also confirmed the legitimacy of games as a form of cultural expression, putting video games on equal footing with films or books."

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