Three different pre-order packs revealed for Crysis 3

Early multiplayer weapon unlocks seem to be the order of the day

EA has announced three different pre-order bonus packs for Crysis 3 offering an array of upgrades and extra gear for fans eager enough to pre-order the game.

Everyone pre-ordering Crysis 3 will receive the Hunter Edition of the game which adds a signature bow weapon and attachment to the arsenal, the new Hunter mod upgrade for the Nanosuit and a head start boost to level 5 in the multiplayer mode.

Over and above the Hunter Edition pre-orders will receive one of three alternative DLC packs. The Stalker Pack features an early multiplayer unlock for the Jackal semi-automatic shotgun as well as a unique silencer and skin for the weapon and two exclusive themed in-game dog tags.

The Overkill Pack features an early multiplayer unlock for the devastating Typhoon assault rifle with its 500 rounds per second fire rate alongside two Overkill-themed dog tags. The Predator pack offers early multiplayer access to the Feline submachine gun with it large 60-round magazine and decent rate of fire and some exclusive camouflage.

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