Games business focus to save Sony

Hirai hoping that games will save Sony's skin

Sony has outlined its plans to turn their business around after projecting a record 6.4 billion USD loss for the 2011 financial year.

With Kaz Hirai taking over as CEO from Howard Stringer Sony is shifting their focus onto the entertainment facets of the business with a new strategy that relies heavily on the success of the PS3, PS Vita alongside Sony Entertainment Network across all devices and providing richer experiences for Sony tablet and VAIO devices.

This new initiative dubbed 'One Sony' will also mean that Sony will focus on improving their online services, boosting the number of downloadable Vita and PS3 titles available on PlayStation Store and improving the effectiveness of subscription services on SEN.

Sadly, as part of their streamlining processes in response to the record losses Sony is believed to be preparing to shed 10,000 jobs world wide.

Thanks Gamasutra.

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