MotorStorm RC Carnival DLC revealed

RC carnage heads to a fun park after hours

Sony has revealed the first bundle of downloadable content due to be released for MotorStorm RC.

The Carnival expansion pack adds a whole new location in the form of an after-hours visit to a fun park. This features 24 all-new events across six brand new tracks for MotorStorm RC fans on PS3 and PS Vita to compete across.

For those that own both a PS3 and a PS Vita the Carnival DLC carries on MotorStorm RC's Cross Play functionality allowing these players to pay once to use the DLC on both the Vita and the PS3. It also adds more Trophies to be won across both platorms and shared when Trophies are synced to SEN.

The Carnival DLC arrives on the PlayStation Store this week for PS Vita and PS3.

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