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Original Max Payne hits iPhone and iPad

Droid version coming soon

Today, in preparation for the May release of Max Payne 3, Rockstar has released an iOS version of the original Max Payne.

Following on from the 10th anniversary edition of GTA III Rockstar has refined and optimised Max Payne especially for the iPad and iPhone with a full range of different control and camera options allowing all kinds of players to tailor their experience to the way they like to use touch screen controls.

The whole of the original PC version is in there in Max Payne Mobile along with high-resolution textures and a native widescreen format bringing the classic combination of gritty noir and comic book action in all its glory to Apple's mobile and tablet formats.

Max Payne Mobile is available for iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4S, iPad to the new iPad and iPod Touch 4 from today for 1.99 GBP. Android versions of the game will be released on April the 26th with more details on the way.

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