Return to EDN III in Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 in development at Californian studio

Capcom had a surprise unveiling at this year's Captivate in the form of a new Lost Planet game due out next year.

After the reception Lost Planet 2 got from critics and gamers most of the gaming community thought that the series would be lost forever but Capcom has decided to give it one more try with Lost Planet 3.

The story follows a utility rig pilot by the name of Jim who takes a lucrative contract on the unforgiving rock known as EDN III introducing more hostile climates, unexplored terrain and hordes more Akrid to shoot.

Lost Planet 3 is set to make planetfall some time in 2013. Capcom have yet to confirm what platforms it will be released on but development is being handled by Legendary and Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty developer Spark Unlimited.

E3 Trailer