Remedy boss is impressed with Max Payne 3

It's f**king brilliant says Myllyrinne

The CEO of Remedy Entertainment, Matias Myllyrinne has expressed just how impressed he is with what Rockstar has done with the series that they created.

Unsurprisingly Myllyrinne has played Max Payne 3 already and is very enthusiastic about how the series has developed.

He enthused, "It's f**king brilliant. I've had a chance to play it and we've worked with Rockstar a little bit - obviously, they're doing the heavy lifting. They're doing the development. But they wanted our input on a couple of occasions and we've had loads of our people, our core group, who worked on the first two games, give input and it's awesome."

"Those guys, they just don't put out bad games," he added. "And so, in that respect, it's very - it's almost like the best position to be in. It's like somebody's making a great game and you just get to give them input, and it's already brilliant so I've enjoyed it. I can't obviously - I don't want to give any spoilers and can't give out any spoilers, but it's a testament to their attention to detail and it's a testament to their passion and dedication. It'll be worth the wait."

Max Payne 3 is out on PS3 and Xbox 360 on May the 15th in North America and May the 18th in the UK. It arrives on the PC a bit later on June the 1st.


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