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Civilization V to get its biggest DLC yet

Gods and Kings DLC due at the end of June

2K Games has announced that they are planning to release a large pack of downloadable content for Civilization V this Summer.

The Gods and Kings DLC will feature the most content that has ever been added to Civ V and will add much more religious and espionage aspects to the popular PC strategy series.

These include being able to set up a Pantheon Of The Gods and spread their religion across the world or use spies to help form alliances or steal technology.

Nine new races will be added, each with their own new leader and a new wonder, alongside three new scenarios and a host of new units, buildings, technologies and resources bringing much more depth the Civ V experience.

The Gods and Kings DLC will be available to download in North America on June the 19th and in the rest of the world on June the 22nd.

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