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The Secret World beta to start next month

Funcom's new MMO gearing up for its June launch

EA and Funcom have revealed the details of their long awaited MMO The Secret World including a beta starting next month.

The Secret World is available for pre-order from now with a few added extras for those that do. As well as pre-order bonuses they will be running beta events almost every weekend from the beginning of May right up to launch.

Those that do pre-order The Secret World will get guaranteed access to the public beta which begins on May the 11th, guaranteed early access to the game four days prior to launch, an exclusive item that will boost early experience progression, an exclusive in-game t-shirt featuring a unique monster design, a choice of one of three powerful pets (Egyptian Cat, Ferocious Wolf or Loyal Hound) and a head start on character naming before the game is released.

For those that don't want to pre-order but are interested in getting onto the public beta events beginning the weekend of the 11th of May head to The Secret World's official website. The Secret World is due for release on PC on the 19th of June.

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