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EVE Online successfully colonises Japan

Localised version of EVE Online arrives in Japan

EVE Online has enjoyed a successful localised launch in Japan bringing the unique MMO to the fourth-largest gaming market in the world.

CCP has expanded their localised operations to include a Japanese-language version of EVE Online providing full localised language support, customer support, player forums and website as well as billing in YEN for budding Japanese EVE players.

EVE's producer Jon Lander said, "Our Japanese players now have an excellent and well developed localized experience. During the launch of the Japanese client, we've added a multilingual search tool across all game clients that helps weld the disparate language groups present in EVE into a more 'global' and unified game experience truly demonstrating the impact and value of the single shard server model."

CCP boss Hilmar Veigar Petursson added, "EVE Online is a game of epic achievements. Hundreds of thousands of players share a single, beautifully rendered universe. Its a game about economics, politics, cooperation and strategy, but ultimately its about awesome spaceships and explosions. The heart of EVE is its emergent sandbox nature, which means that every new player contributes to our infinitely scalable storytelling engine. With tens of thousands of new pilots from Japan, we will see EVE grow in new and unforeseen ways that reverberate for all pilots."

CCP also recently announced that, from next month, UK EVE Online subscribers will be able to pay their subs in Pounds Sterling instead of Euros.

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