Rumour: Durango will feature Blu-Ray and need always-on net connection

Could Microsoft be borrowing the wrong page from Ubisoft's book?

Today's rumour-mill has turned to the next generation of Xbox, codenamed Durango suggesting some interesting developments in its hardware specification.

According to VG247, multiple sources are suggesting that Durango will come fitted with a Blu-Ray drive contradicting other rumours that it will use some form of solid state media.

There is also suggestions that the new Xbox will require a constant connection to the internet which will function as part of the new console's DRM system.

Hardware rumours also point to either a four or a six-core processor along with two independently-functioning graphics processors based on the AMD 7000 series.

Again all the chatter here points to a release some time in 2013 but Microsoft firmly deny any suggestion of a 2012 unveiling.

Thanks VG247.

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