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Two more expansions planned for World Of Warcraft after Mists Of Pandaria

Plenty of life in the old Tauren yet

Blizzard has revealed that they believe that there's still plenty of life left in World Of Warcraft yet.

Blizzard's Chief Operating Officer Paul Sims has slipped the existence of a fifth and a sixth expansion for World Of Warcraft further extending the life of the MMO phenomenon.

Sams said excitedly, "I got the pitch from Chris Metzen [head of creative development] of what they plan for 6.0 and I'm pretty geeked up about it. They already know what they're going to be doing for multiple expansions ahead."

He continued, "I think Mists of Pandaria is going to breathe huge life into what I believe is the best MMO out there. I think the number of people we have playing and the level of enthusiasm they have for the game suggests that to be the case. This is the next of many ways in which we're going to grow and improve and evolve this game."

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