Warren Spector still hoping for an Xbox 360 and PS3 release for Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey 2 coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii

Disney Epic Mickey 2: Power Of Two has been confirmed for release on Xbox 360, and PS3 as well as Wii.

This news has kept hope alive for developer Junction Point's boss Warren Spector, of getting the original Epic Mickey released on the HD consoles too.

Spector enthused, "I will tell you I desperately want to do it, and other than that I have no comment at this time. I just think it would be cool for people to see where the story started, so well see."

He added, "We sold many millions of copies [of Epic Mickey] on just the Wii, and being on the Wii was great. It was a perfect way to reintroduce Mickey as a hero in video games."

Thanks Game Informer.

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