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Silicon Knights' boss Denis Dyack still has hope for a Too Human sequel

Just have to wait for the result of the lawsuit first

The vocal boss of Canadian developer Silicon Knights, Denis Dyack still remains positive over the future of their triple-A IP Too Human following the resumption of their legal action against Epic.

Dyack has accused Epic of failing to fulfill their contractual obligations regarding support for their use of the Unreal Engine during development of Too Human, instead choosing to shift resources to support the development of Gears Of War.

The result of this was Silicon Knights shipping a version of Too Human that was sub-standard and universally panned by critics. The legal action is due to hit open court on May the 14th.

Dyack said on the future of the Too Human series, "I think as long as Silicon Knights is still around there is still hope. You know, in some ways Too Human got a bad rap, and there are all kinds of details. A lot of what happened with Too Human is going to come out in the court case, which is May 14th."

"Bottom-line, and this is pretty public," he added, "we went through hell last generation by trying to adopt the Unreal Engine. It hurt us so dramatically that it affected us a lot, all the way through. You know, we're hoping to fix that this gen. We've suffered a lot, that's all I can say."


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