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Schafer demos a Kinect emotion-based adventure prototype

Cancelled title shows some interesting ideas

Double Fine boss Tim Schafer has taken the opportunity at a lecture New York University's Game Center to show off some interesting new technology that they have been playing around with.

The studio, which has been famed for its adventure titles has been playing around with a new concept of an adventure game controlled by emotions instead of actions using a Kinect control scheme.

Schafer revealed that a 'large entity' came to them and asked them if they'd ever thought about doing something similar to what Quantic Dream were trying with Heavy Rain. This prompted him to dust off an old idea he'd had while working with Ron Gilbert at LucasArts of using emotions as the control instead of verbs.

He explained, "What if you could act in front of the screen, and the game would pick up on the emotion based on... your body? We decided to go for that method."

In the demo he showed choosing between two different disguises by shaking his fist for hate and putting his hand on his heart for love. It them moved on to focus on a romantic storyline where a man called Thurston equipped with a sentient dagger that responds to his emotions.

By selecting how he felt about items and people in the environment he feels about them. It shows a very interesting proposition for games development but it ultimately proved too big an endeavor for the publisher in question to support. Still, it effectively demonstrates the potential that Kinect has for the future.

A video of the demo is available over on Joystiq.

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