Star Wars lies in EA's hands for the next ten years

Could Star Wars be EA's Destiny?

While Activision has devoted ten years to Bungie's new IP Destiny EA has made their own sci-fi gambit in the form of the Star Wars license.

The deal they have struck with Disney gives them exclusive use of the Star Wars license for ten years. EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen made the revelation at the UBS Global technology conference.

He began, “We had a long relationship obviously with Lucas on the original Star Wars and when Disney took over Lucas, they really wanted to maintain a video game business around Star Wars.” Star Wars lies in EA's hands for the next ten years

”And so they came to us because of our partnership,” he went on, “and they knew that we could help them develop really great games and we struck what we believe is a fantastic deal which allows us to be able to build games in many different genres across multiple types of platforms over 10 years and we’ll leverage the strength of the Disney marketing associated with the Star Wars properties both in movies and other things that they may do over the timeframe.”

He did emphasise that they won't be making direct movie licenses though. He added, ”We’ll try to align those with that marketing, power the Disney has so it will get aligned with timing around the movies, but it won’t necessarily be aligned with the movie.”

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