Capcom aiming to sell 10 million copies of Dragon's Dogma

Capcom has big ambitions for their new RPG

Capcom has set a very ambitious sales target for their brand new RPG release Dragon's Dogma.

Their belief that Dragon's Dogma can be successful in bridging the gap between the Japanese and Western markets and sell as many as 10 million copies world wide.

The game's producer Hideaki Itsuno explained, "I don't know if other Japanese developers are trying to become more global, but I know we are definitely are. It's difficult, because we really want this game to sell 10 million units worldwide. We want to sell a lot and that's just something that we think we can do. We're not positive [ it will be a success]. Of course it's a risk, but that's what we want a challenge."

Itsuno continued, "In Japan, we can absolutely sell a million units. We know that's attainable, it's absolutely doable. We have a kind of assurance that that will happen, but for worldwide that's not so much the case, and I think that's why a lot of Japanese developers are hesistant about going global. It's beacuse they don't have that assurance that it'll be successful."

Dragon's Dogma is out on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May the 25th and will be bundled with a demo of Resident Evil 6.


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