UK government does a surprise u-turn on games industry tax breaks

British developers go "WOOHOO!"

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne has announced a surprise change of heart on games industry tax breaks in his Budget announcement.

The announcement marks an important change of heart for the government but finally recognises the importance of the games industry to the economic recovery of the United Kingdom.

Today's revelation has been whole-heartedly embraced by both TIGA and UKIE and developers ranging from small indies like Denki Games in Dundee to big guns like Activision and Crytek.

Outspoken Activison CEO Bobby Kotick said, "this is a great first step and should put the UK in a stronger position to compete with other countries offering incentives for videogames production. The UK is an important centre for development talent, employing 9,000 people in the videogames sector, and anything that promotes further investment should be welcomed."


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