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The BBC iPlayer finally arrives on Xbox Live

And it's free!

Microsoft and the BBC have announced the launch of the iPlayer on Xbox Live from today.

It has been quite a while and there has been a lot of wrangling surrounding the arrival of the iPlayer on the Xbox 360 an agreement has finally been reached bringing the BBC's catch-up service to all home consoles.

Unlike all of the other video services currently available on Xbox Live which are only active for thos on Gold subscriptions, the BBC iPlayer will be fully available to those on the Xbox Live free subscription.

The BBC's GM of Programmes and On-Demand Daniel Danker said, "Xbox is hugely successful in the UK. Given the BBC's goal to reach its entire audience, I'm particularly excited that the BBC will be bringing iPlayer to all Xbox users at no extra cost as part of Xbox Live's free membership. As we continue our work to make BBC iPlayer as simple as possible, we're also excited to experiment with natural user interfaces made possible with Kinect, including voice and gesture control. We believe it's early days for these experiences, but see a great future working with partners such as Microsoft on innovations like these."

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