Cliffy B hopes for a deeper future for Gears Of War

Bleszinski wants the series to become more than just muscles, guns and gore

Epic Games' creative head Cliff Bleszinski has expressed his desire to instil the series with more depth in the future.

Bleszinski is hoping to move away from the macho muscles and guns of the Gears trilogy to something a bit more thought-provoking in a kind of a Christopher Nolan vein.

He explained, "If I were to pass Gears off to another studio, and they came back with a pitch of having a double-edged chainsaw, and the characters are more buff, and now you can pull off someone's head and s**t down their neck, and they had a character that makes Cole look tame I would look at them and say, 'No, you're going in the exact wrong direction.'"

"Gears is always some of that," Bleszinski added, "but I would want to further evolve it in more of a Christopher Nolan way."

Thanks Penny Arcade.

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