Bethesda and Mojang resolve the 'Scrolls' name dispute

Trademark becomes the property of ZeniMax under the Elder Scrolls IP

The legal dispute between Minecraft developer Mojang and Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax.

The lawsuit began with Mojang filing a trademark application to use the 'Scrolls' name in use with video games. ZeniMax argued that this conflicts with their trademark for The Elder Scrolls.

The result of the legal action is that the 'Scrolls' trademark will be transferred to ZeniMax's ownership and used by Mojang for this one title under license. Mojang will not be allowed to create any further titles bearing the 'Scrolls' name.

ZeniMax CEO Robert Altman said, "We are pleased to have settled this matter with Mojang amicably. The Elder Scrolls is an important brand to us, and with this settlement we were able to protect our valuable property rights while allowing Mojang to release their digital card game under the name they preferred."

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