Schafer would love to make a BIG Brutal Legend sequel

Schafer talks more sequels

Double Fine boss Tim Schafer is demonstrating great enthusiasm for making sequels to some of his bigger titles at the moment.

Hot on the heels of the Psychonauts/Notch funding speculation Schafer has spoken of his desire to make a sequel to the Jack Black voiced Brutal Legend, although it would need to be BIG.

Schafer even joked about using Kickstarter to fund it jesting, "I would love to make a BL[Brutal Legend] sequel too some day. I'm not sure if I could use Kickstarter for that though. BL2 feels like it really should be a BIG game, like over 20 million USD, and thats too big for wait a second this sounds familiar. Hey, this is exactly what I said about Kickstarter the first time. I was surprised then, so you never know!"

With the talk of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend sequels floating around how about some more of his classic games returning? Anyone want to see more Grim Fandango or Full Throttle 2 perhaps?

Thanks GamerZines.

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