EA reveals Medal Of Honor Warfighter

Danger Close bringing more Medal Of Honor in October

EA has unveiled their competition for this year's Call Of Duty effort in the form of the next Medal Of Honor title.

Medal of Honor Warfighter again follows operations carried out by US Tier 1 Operators from hostage rescues in the Phillipines to tackling pirates off the coast of Somalia.

The new title also explores the more personal implications of the fighting a war as it follows the home life of Preacher, a Tier 1 Operative who returns home from duty to find his family in ruins because of his long absences.

Executive producer on the game Greg Goodrich explains a bit more, "From recent news headlines to movies to best-selling books, everyone is talking about the Special Operations Community and the warriors who defend our freedom. Medal of Honor Warfighter gives these Operators a chance to tell their personal story of brotherhood, family and the current fight. But Tier 1 Operators are not uniquely American. This year we're going global and introducing international Tier 1 units in our multiplayer game and taking players to hotspots around the world. We continue to honor these warriors with reverence and respect with an authentic look into their lives at home and abroad."

Medal Of Honor Warfighter will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 23rd.

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