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343 Industries has big ambitions for Halo 4

New Halo dev promises a multiplayer revolution

Last week at a showcase event in San Francisco Microsoft unveiled their big titles for the year, the biggest of which is Halo 4.

Now that 343 Industries has taken over the reigns from series creators, Bungie they are looking to stamp their own authority on the series as well as continuing the long tradition Halo has of being at the leading edge of online multiplayer.

Halo 4 creative director Josh Holmes told Edge that the game is "the beginning of an epic new sci-fi saga that will define the next decade for Halo We don't want to imitate whats gone before. We need to find our own voice and give ourselves the freedom to take chances and push things forward. In some ways you can see Halo 4 as a bit of a reboot."

Frank O'Connor, head of 343 Industries added, "Our community was really curious about multiplayer in a way I hadn't seen before. I think some of that is that they want something new and new ways to play. Not just Call Of Duty and Reach and Battlefield and all that, but I think people are just looking for something new online and with their friends. I think we're going to be able to achieve that somewhat with some of the stuff we haven't talked about yet. We're not trying to change the world and reinvent the wheel but we're going to do something appropriate to Halo and its fiction that will be really compelling social experience."

Halo 4 is due out towards the end of this year only on Xbox 360.

Thanks Edge Online.

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