THQ spending more on The Devil's Third than any of Itagaki's previous titles

The Devil's Third budget could pay for all 30 of Itagaki's previous games in one go

THQ may be going through a rough patch at the moment but that doesn't mean that they're scared of investing titles they think have promise.

One of the games that they're investing in is Ninja Gaiden creator, Tomonobu Itagaki's first title with his own Valhalla Studios The Devil's Third.

Itagaki has revealed that THQ have given him the biggest budget he has ever had to work with for developing The Devil's Third.

He explained, "We've been working with THQ for two and a half years, and when I was working in Japan I was at the publisher myself so I can't really compare because it's different. The circumstances are very different. I really understand what the publisher thinks because I used to be the publisher myself."

"The one thing that's completely different between the Eastern publisher and Western publisher is the budget," Itagaki continued. "I've made more than 30 games, and if you put a little bit more [money] into the one I'm making now, Devil's Third, I could make all of the 30 games I made before. The budget you use for the promotion is completely different too. Those are the biggest differences."

The Devil's Third is not the only game that THQ are investing heavily in with Homefront 2 in development at Crytek and Guillermo Del Toro's InSane under way at Saints Row dev Volition.

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