Muzyka: Mass Effect is a big possibility space

A Mass Effect MMO would carry almost as many expectations as SWTOR did

The release of Mass Effect 3 is looming large on the horizon and now BioWare bosses Drs Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have been talking about the series' future post Commander Shepard.

In an honest and good humoured interview with Penny Arcade Zeschuk and Muzyka spoke of the possibility of creating a Mass Effect MMO.

Zeschuk began jokingly, "Now that we've learned MMOs are really easy to make, and simple to run after the fact, were on it! The interesting thing, the implication of a Mass Effect MMO has so many expectations. We already bit off a big thing to chew with a Star Wars MMO, and that's not so small."

He continued in a more serious vein, "It's daunting, but the neat thing is it would lend itself to a different type of game play. It's fun to think about. I imagine people think it would be just like Mass Effect as it is but there's lots of people there. It's really interesting, I dont know. It's a tough one."

Muzyka took over, "The possibility space, that's a term that I heard Will Wright say about ten years ago, and it really struck me. When you deliver a game, and you deliver it for a player, you have to capture what they think is the possibility space. You need to let them do everything they think they should do, and you can't block them from doing anything they think they should be able to do. You have to nail all the features and content that should be in that possibility space... Mass Effect is a big possibility space."

Thanks Penny Arcade.

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