SEGA reveals a return for Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio destined for PSN, XBLA and PC downloads in HD

SEGA has revealed that Jet Set Radio will be the latest Dreamcast classic to wheel its way to downloads in an HD remaster.

Following up on the successful return of the likes of Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure with a release on the PlayStation Store, XBLA and PC download services.

Jet Set Radio pushed forward the boundaries of in-game artwork with it's unique visual style. The game features rival staking gangs vying for territory by tagging walls billboards and opposing inline skaters under the guidance of renowned pirate radio DJ Professor K.

SEGA's digital boss Haruki Satomi said, "Every time we look at our favourite SEGA classics, the fans never fail to ask about Jet Set Radio. The game was unlike anything else when it first came out, and was one of the first games in history to use cel-shading. More importantly, Jet Set Radio is a game that celebrates self-expression, and we're looking forward to seeing how gamers and artists come together to leave their mark on Tokyo-to."

Jet Set Radio will make its return some time in the summer.

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