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WiiWare 40 MB limit is horrible says Team Meat

Suoer Meat Boy developer still excited by the Wii U though

The boys behind Super Meat Boy have voiced enthusiasm for developing for the 3DS and the Wii U despite their frustration over WiiWare and its tiny size cap.

Team Meat's Tommy Refenes described the 40 MB limit to the size of games on WiiWare as "horrible" but remains positive over the 2 GB limit for the 3DS and the possibilities presented by the Wii U.

He began, [WiiWare's] 40MB is horrible, but [the 3DS eShop's] 2GB is reasonable. Super Meat Boy would have been on WiiWare if we could have had just a few more megabytes of space - you can only compress stuff so much before you have to start cutting out huge parts of your game. Unfortunately, at that point, it just isn't worth the time."

Refenes added, "If we can in the future, we'd like our next game to be on Wii U as well as everything else."

Thanks GamesIndustry.biz.

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