Binary Domain hits European stores today

Join the battle against the Hollow Children

SEGA's newest action title, the sci-fi shooter Binary Domain arrives in European stores from today.

Set in 2080 in a world divided over the developments in robotocis, the game follows a elite team of operatives known as a Rust Crew as the infiltrate one of the world's largest robotics firms in Tokyo to uncover the mystery behind the emergence of Hollow Children, a series of ultra-life-like robots designed to blend in to human society a development which is in violation of the New Geneva Convention.

Binary Domain features up to four-player co-op gameplay and a new voice-control system for squad that also influences how your computer-controlled squad mates will interact with you in a fire fight. The game also features seven competitive multiplayer modes including Free For All, Deathmatch, Domain Control and Operation and five different player classes to choose from.

Binary Domain is available on Xbox 360 and PS3 from today in Europe with the North American release due on February the 28th.

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