Dreamcast pet sim Seaman to come to 3DS

It's worth it just for Leonard Nimoy's narration alone

The bizarre yet strangely compelling Dreamcast pet sim created by Yoot Saito, Seaman is set to make a return on the 3DS.

The original game came bundled with a microphone and allowed players to nurture their very own pet Seaman by talking to it along with some helpful guidance in the form of narration from Leonard Nimoy.

When Seaman arrived in 1999 it became an instant hit with Japanese gamers shooting to the top of the charts. If it can do the same 13 years later on the 3DS it will be sure to help Nintendo establish the 3DS's third party credentials.

Seaman's return on the 3DS is seemingly part of a wider plan from Nintendo to revitalise third-partys' back catalog titles on their newest handheld. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DS would appear to be another title that is part of this plan.

Thanks Andriansang.

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