We don't blacklist journalists says Activision

Activision does a little bit of damage control

Activision are working hard to reverse the damage caused when news emerged that a French games blog had been threatened with blacklisting over a fairly innocuous story.

The story revolved around the discovery of an entry for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on listing it as available to preorder for 69.99 EUR.

Grgory Szriftgiser, the editor of Gameblog, the site in question gave a detailed explanation of the events surrounding Activision threatening them with blacklisting in an interview over on Kotaku.

It seems that when they refused to remove the story, the Activision spokesperson they were dealing with stated that all contact would be severed including a retraction of preview event invites, removal of advertising from the site and a block on any future review code.

Since the interview has appeared Activision USA has responded to the claims telling GamesBeat, "Activision doesn't blacklist journalists. We believe this was a misunderstanding and are working towards a resolution."