Schafer drops some more details on the Kickstarter project

Double Fine's new game to come to iOS, Android, Mac and PC

With Double Fine's Kickstarter project steamrollering on Tim Schafer has revealed some more details on what they will be doing with all the extra money they've raised so far.

Now as well as receiving a Steam release on PC, Double Fine will be developing their Kickstarter adventure for Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. It will also now be fully voice acted in English.

That doesn't mean that non-English-speaking gamers will be left out. The game will also feature subtitles in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Double Fine is aiming for an October release for the game and this who've pledged 15 USD or more will get access to the closed beta on Steam and will receive a DRM-free version of the game on release.

Thanks Develop.

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