Team Ninja boss wants a Dead Or Alive crossover with Virtua Fighter

Hayashi says Virtua Fighter is one of his favourite IPs

The head of Team Ninja, Yosuke Hayashi, has been inspired by Street Fighter X Tekken to think about doing their own crossover title their Dead Or Alive fighting series.

Hayashi highlighted SEGA's Virtua Fighter series as the perfect IP for a crossover with Dead Or Alive as well as being his personal favourite.

"In terms of collaboration titles," said Hayashi in an interview, "there are staff on our team who just love fighting games and if there was any chance to do that we'd actively, possibly do that."

He added, "The first 3D game I played was Virtua Fighter, that's the IP I respect most. Virtua Fighter was the father of 3D gaming, so it's very well respected."

Thanks Edge Online.

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