Obsidian also looking at using Kickstarter for funding

Double Fine's success prompts more developers to look at crowd-sourced funding

Obsidian, the team behind Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas is considering the prospect of using Kickstarter to help fund a project.

The amazing success of Double Fine's Kickstarter project Obsidian's Chris Avellone asked the if fans would want to see an Obsidian project on Kickstarter on Twitter receiving as much as 1000 hits every second according to the microblogging social network.

Double Fine managed to secure three times their required budget of 400,000 USD withing 24 hours of launching their Kickstarter campaign.

Obsidian are taking suggestions from fans over what they would like to see out of a potential Kickstarter-funded projects over Twitter and their official forums.

Thanks Develop Online.

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