Jaffe thinking about using Kickstarter for funding

He doesn't want it to turn into a d**k-measuring contest with Tim Schafer though

The success seen by Double Fine in seeking funding for their Ron Gilbert project on Kickstarter has encouraged David Jaffe to consider using it for funding projects at his new studio.

Jaffe recently announced his departure from Eat Sleep Play to open and smaller studio in San Diego and with Double Fine breaking all records on Kickstarter is seems like a tempting source of funding.

He began, "I think the real question, whether in the next month, if [Double Fine's campaign] hits $2 million or $8 million, does that signal a new way of funding games? Or is this kind of a one-off thing, because it was led by [Double Fine director] Tim Schafer? Is this actually moving the needle? That, we don't know."

"Now, with what's happened with Tim's Kickstarter, sure, I would consider [crowdfunding]. There's kind of the fear that this would suddenly become, you know, a d**k-measuring contest. Schafer comes out and raises a million, and Jaffe only raises 200,000 USD. But joking aside, I definitely think it's a really cool thing, so I would consider it. I think I would be really nervous because suddenly now it's not just a publisher's money. Suddenly you have all these peoples' money, and you don't want to let them down."

Thanks Gamasutra.

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