Double Fine seeking to crowd source funding for a title via Kickstarter

Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer will reunite for the new point and click adventure

Double Fine have launched a campaign to crowd source funding for one of their new titles.

This one will be a collaboration between Tim Schafer and his old colleague from the LucasArts days, Ron Gilbert of The Secret of Monkey Island and DeathSpank fame.

The Kickstarter page for the project states that Double Fine are looking for 400,000 USD to make a new point and click adventure promising to make the game's development as public as possible.

Tim Schafer wrote on the Double Fine website, "Think it will work? I hope so, because I would rather work directly for the fans than for anyone else. If the Double Fine Kickstarter Adventure is a sucess, it could open the doors for all sorts of new funding possibilities, and all kinds of new games that could never happen in the old system. So basically I'm just talking about changing the entire world forever for the better. And getting a game out of it."

You can get involved by pledging as little as a dollar over on the project's Kickstarter page with a variety of bonuses available depending on how much you pledge.

Thanks Edge Online.

Update: As of midday on Friday the 10th of February Double Fine has managed to raise just over 1.2 million USD for the project - that's FOUR TIMES the original amount sought and the number is still rising!

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