Average PC gamer spends 75 hours on Skyrim

Bethesda's Todd Howard demos some possibilities fro Skyrim DLC at DICE

Bethesda has revealed some interesting figures on Skyrim while discussing their new hit game at this year's DICE Summit in Las Vegas.

Creative director of Bethesda Games Studios, Todd Howard, revealed that PC gamers spend an average of 75 hours exploring Skyrim based on Steam's statistics.

Having just released the modding tools for the PC version of Skyrim Howard is excited to see what the community will come up with and is hopeful that one day console gamers will be able to have the same opportunities to create more of their own content for the games they love.

On the game's PC community he said, "On PC they can download our tools, they can create their own mods. It's something we spent a lot of time on and we're really excited about. Our PC audience is really, really engaged. All the players in Skyrim are, there over ten million people that have played the game so far, which is amazing to us. Multiple millions are online with their PCs so it's done really well. And with Steam we get to see all the stats."

"Of those millions of people on the PC the average playtime is 75 hours," Howard revealed. "It's something we'd like to see come to consoles one day. You get this thing where it's not just the game but [players] can now take it and change it. Gaming is the ultimate combination of art and technology and allowing the players to be their own director."

Howard also teased a few different ideas that they have been playing around with for DLC content for Skyrim including dragon mounts, assassin's vision, magic kill cameras, hanging and moving structures in dungeons, vampire feeding, mounted combat and even shouts controlled by Kinect.


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