Third Modern Warfare 3 content drop announced for Xbox 360

A full week before the PS3 gets the first two drops

Xbox 360 Premium Call of Duty Elite subscribers are to receive their third content drop for Modern Warfare 3 ahead of the first two maps arriving on PS3.

The new Overwatch map is set 70 stories above downtown New York City on a construction site atop a skyscraper (very Nakitomi Plaza). As well as the danger of getting shot, stabbed or blown up MW3 players will have to watch their step as there are very few safety barriers to prevent the rather long fall to the Manhattan Streets below.

Overwatch arrives on Xbox Live a full week before the first two maps, Liberation and Piazza arrive on the PlayStation 3 continuing Microsoft's timed exclusivity deal with Activision over all Call of Duty downloadable content.

Overwatch will hit the Xbox 360 for Premium Call of Duty Elite subscribers on the 21st of February with the Liberation and Piazza due out on the PS3 on the 28th of February. The content calendar for the Xbox 360 is available on the official Call of Duty website.

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