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UMD Passport programme for the PS Vita not coming to North America

No UMD transfer scheme for PS Vita buyers

Sony has confirmed that North American PS Vita buyers will not have access to the UMD Passport programme like their Japanese counterparts.

The UMD Passport programme allowed Japanese gamers to register their UMD versions of their PSP catalogues in order to receive a decent discount on the downloadable versions of the games available on PSN to play on the PS Vita.

So far, Sony hasn't explained the decision yet or confirmed whether or not this will mean there's no UMD Passport scheme for Europe either at this moment in time meaning that gamers will have to pay full price for the PSN downloads in order to enjoy their PSP games on their new Vita.

The PS Vita is out in Europe and North America on February the 22nd.

Thanks Kotaku.

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