Sony renames PSN the Sony Entertainment Network

PSN is 'repositioned' as a multimedia service

This week will see Sony rebrand their PlayStation Network service as the Sony Entertainment Network.

For PS3 and PS Vita users this will mean little more than a cosmetic change and it will remain the PlayStation Network for PSP users.

What is does do is help unify all of the non-gaming services that PSN offers like Music Unlimited and the Video Store under a less game-oriented name making things a little less confusing for users of other devices that are PSN-enabled such as Blu-Ray players and Sony internet enabled Bravia TVs.

Sony said in an email to existing PSN users, "This transition is based on Sony's goal to enhance its unique digital entertainment offering. As a series of these activities Sony started last September, PlayStation Network will be aligned with 'Sony Entertainment Network'. This helps us get closer to our goal of establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account."

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