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First Modern Warfare 3 content drops dated for PS3

PS3 Premium Elite subscribers to get the new maps next

Activision has announced the release date for the first to content drops for Modern Warfare 3 on the PlayStation 3.

Premium Call of Duty Elite subscribers who play MW3 on their PS3 will be getting access to the first two multiplayer maps to be released for Elite users.

Liberation, an open sniper's haven set in a militarised interpretation of Central Park and Piazza, a tightly laid-out close-combat map set in an Italian seaside village will arrive on PSN to download on February the 28th an full month after the Xbox 360 release.

This is the first two drops on content in a plan which will see Call of Duty Elite subscribers fans drip-fed DLC until September. The content will also be available in packs later on this year for those who haven't signed up to the Premium Call of Duty Elite package.

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