Co-op saved Syndicate from the Online Pass

Syndicate only the second EA title not to feature the Online Pass in 2 years

Those looking forward to Syndicate's FPS return later this month will be relieved to find out that it will not be featuring EA's Online Pass.

EA has revealed that, because Syndicate only features co-operative multiplayer, they have decided not to include the Online Pass in order to get as many people as possible enjoying the multiplayer.

Jeff Gamon from EA Partners explained, "We want as little resistance or barriers to entry as possible. The co-op is equal billing in this. We wanted everyone who owns a copy of the game to have access to the entire product. Under normal circumstances it would have had an Online Pass, but because it didn't have competitive multiplayer and because we wanted as many people as possible to be playing co-op, we got away with it. Maybe another reason for not having the Online Pass is we were confident in the scope of the online game... To progress your character and upgrade a few weapons is a heap of content. That and the single-player campaign means hopefully we won't see much in the way of early second-hand sales and rentals."

Syndicate returns to the market on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February the 24th. The co-op demo is currently available to download on PSN and Xbox Live but hurry if you want to try it as it is only around for a limited period.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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