343 to take over all Halo responsibilities from Bungie next month

Last Halo data getting transferred to 343 in March

Bungie will be saying a final farewell to the Halo series as they hand over the last vestiges of online data to 343 Industries next month.

343 Industries have already had their first stab at the Halo series with their entertaining remastering of Halo: Combat Evolved and they are currently working on Halo 4 which will probably arrive in the autumn of this year.

This last action by Bungie will see all responsibilities for the Halo series resting in the hands of 343. Bungie has promised that all the data they have made available on will still be available as long as the servers are still functioning.

Bungie stated, "Thanks for making the Halo-era version of more successful than we could have possibly imagined. You complete us. See you starside."

Thanks MCV.

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