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PS Vita games will be cheaper as downloads

How will retailers respond?

In a move that may prove almost as popular with retailers as the download-only PSP Go Sony has confirmed that the downloadable versions of their PS Vita games will be cheaper than their boxed retail counterparts.

A user on NeoGAF spotted a disparity between the prices of PS Vita game cartridges and their respective download codes on the Best Buy website with the downloadable versions costing 10 percent less than the boxed versions.

A Sony representative later said: "I can confirm that there will be a discount on the downloadable PS Vita titles from PSN. Exact details have not yet been revealed, but be on the lookout for an announcement in the very near future."

The 10 percent price difference will probably be cancelled out by the fact that Vita owners will still have to stock up of the new and fairly expensive PS Vita memory cards (which range from 17.99 GBP for 4GB to 44.99 GBP for 16GB)so this point may be moot. Still it is an indication that Sony is aiming to shift towards a digital distribution model in the future.

Thanks ShackNews.

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