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New US bundles revealed for the PS Vita

3G buyers get some extra freebies

Sony has two PlayStation Vita bundles prepared for launch on February the 22nd in the US.

The first bundle available for those who preordered the 3G PS Vita sees the addition of a 4GB memory card, a limited edition case, a free download of Little Deviants and a Dataconnect Pass which includes 250 MB worth of free 3G data allowance on AT&T.

An extremely limited edition second bundle includes the same Dataconnect Pass, an 8GB memory card and an unspecified PSN game to download. This bundle will be available while stocks last for those that queue up on launch.

By comparison the Wi-Fi edition of the PS Vita is getting no freebies whatsoever. Sony has yet to confirm what bundles they will be offering in the UK.

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