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Monster Hunter coming to PS Vita soon

French PlayStation boss hints at a weakness in the Japanese Vita launch line-up

The French PlayStation chief, Phillipe Cardone has given a strong indication that Monster Hunter may be arriving on the PS Vita in the next few months.

In a recent interview Cardone indicated that the launch line-up for the PS Vita was crammed with games that were atypical choices for the Japanese market. As far as the PlayStation handheld machines are concerned atypical means lacking in the Monster Hunter department.

He said, "The games available at launch in Japan do not correspond to the typology of the Japanese public. It lacks a particular game, Monster Hunter, scheduled for the coming months. "Had it been there right out in Japan, the story would have been different. The game console at launch will be the European better than it was for Japan."

Whether this means that Monster Hunter will be out in Japan or worldwide in the next few months on the Vita is another story. If anything though Monster Hunter is the one title that has the power to revive the flagging fortunes of the PS Vita in Japan.

Thanks La Pointe(translated by Google Translate).

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