Harmonix working on new title for XBLA, PSN and... Facebook

It's probably a music title too

Dance Central dev Harmonix have been keeping themselves to themselves recently; until now that is.

A new title has appeared on the radar courtesy of a CV update on the part of Harmonix designer Brian Chan. He is apparently now the lead designer on an unannounced project for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and curiously, Facebook.

Harmonix responded to the news saying, "As we've stated before, our studio is growing and hard at work on a variety of titles. In a storied Harmonix tradition, our designers start working on those games before they're publicly announced. We're excited to confirm more information soon, probably via a LinkedIn update or something - we haven't decided."

This isn't the only project that Harmonix have in the pipeline as CEO Florian Hunziker recently mentioned that they had several titles in development based on brand new IPs.

Thanks Superogatory and Shacknews.

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