Three DLC packs confirmed for Soul Calibur V

Time to go customisation crazy

Namco Bandai has revealed three packs of downloadable content that will be available for Soul Calibur V beginning on launch day.

From day one Soul Calibur fans will be able to download a pack that includes nine additional customisation options like bikinis, wings and face paints as well original music from Soul Blade and Soul Calibur for Soul Calibur V.

On Valentines Day (Feb 14th) another pack launches which features nine more items including breast plate, kimonos and animal heads alongside original music from Soul Calibur II and III.

The final pack arrives on February the 28th and again adds nine items including a mask, camouflage, face paint and a skull. It also adds more original music from Soul Calibur IV and the Wii and PSP title Soul Calibur: Broken Destinies.

All the packs will cost 160 MS Points on Xbox Live or 1.99 EUR on PSN. Soul Calibur V is out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America on January the 31st and in Europe on February the 3rd.

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