Aliens: Colonial Marines will not be out in the spring

More like the autumn

There's sad news for Alien fans as SEGA and Gearbox have revealed that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be delayed from its original release window of the spring.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set right after the events of Aliens tells the story of a team of marines sent in to investigate what happened to the USS Sulaco with the action spreading to the surface of ill-fated planet LV-426.

A statement from SEGA and Geabox apologised for the delay but stressed that getting the game right was far more important that getting the game released as quickly as possible.

It read: "Aliens: Colonial Marines is a process of creativity and invention and those don't necessarily follow the structure of an assembly line. While setting clear goals, deadlines and predictions is helpful, they are often subjective. We don't want to sacrifice the creative process just for the sake of following a blueprint. We prefer to have the creative discovery shape that blueprint because our goal is to make a great game, and we are prioritizing this goal over the previously targeted date."

Aliens: Colonial Marines is not delayed too much with it now expected this autumn.

Thanks Game Informer.

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