From Dust is the top grossing XBLA game of 2011

Chahi's god sim grosses 4.6 million USD

Eric Chahi's god sim From Dust has managed to take an impressive amount of money since it launched last summer.

In estimated digital download figures from analytical firm FADE, From Dust matched Castle Crashers for 2011 gross sales at 4.6 million USD. Having only been on sale for part 2011 this makes From Dust the biggest grossing XBLA title of 2011.

Despite taking the most money and shifting an estimated 308,000 copies it only landed fourth in the charts with Full House Poker topping the charts with 375,000 estimated units sold.

Castle Crashers came in second with 335,000 copies sold and Australian studio Halfbrick's Kinect enabled Fruit Ninja was third selling 324,000 copies.

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